The Puppet Co. Playhouse’s wildly popular series has already started its 8th season and runs throughout the entire year!  Shows are at 10:00 AM on select Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.  (see below)


Designed just for our youngest theater patrons (ages 2 - 4 years old), “Tiny Tots @ 10:00” offers a viewing atmosphere especially suited to small fry, their parents, and caregivers:


• shorter shows (about 30 minutes)

• no dark room

• no loud noises

• the theater doors stay open


Tickets are $6 for all ages.


7/23/2016 Clowning Around Saturday-10:00 AM
7/24/2016 Clowning Around Sunday-10:00 AM
7/27/2016 Magic Toyshop Wednesday-10:00 AM
7/30/2016 Magic Toyshop Saturday-10:00 AM
7/31/2016 Magic Toyshop Sunday-10:00 AM
8/3/2016 Penguins' Playground Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/6/2016 Penguins' Playground Saturday-10:00 AM
8/7/2016 Penguins' Playground Sunday-10:00 AM
8/10/2016 Bedtime Buddies Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/13/2016 Bedtime Buddies Saturday-10:00 AM
8/14/2016 Bedtime Buddies Sunday-10:00 AM
8/17/2016 Panda-Monium Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/20/2016 Panda-Monium Saturday-10:00 AM
8/21/2016 Panda-Monium Sunday-10:00 AM
8/24/2016 Bunny Business Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/27/2016 Bunny Business Saturday-10:00 AM
09/17/2016 Old McDonald’s Farm< Saturday-10:00 AM
9/21//2016 Old McDonald’s Farm Wednesday-10:00 AM
9/24/2016 Teddy Bear’s Picnic Saturday-10:00 AM
9/25/16 Teddy Bear’s Picnic Sunday-10:00 AM
10/05/16 Tiny Tots Sing-a-Long Wednesday-10:00 AM
10/08/16 Tiny Tots Sing-a-Long Saturday-10:00 AM
10/09/16 Tiny Tots Sing-a-Long Sunday-10:00 AM
10/15/16 Merlin’s Magic Saturday-10:00 AM
10/19/16 Merlin’s Magic Wednesday-10:00 AM
10/23/16 Imaginary Friends Sunday-10:00 AM
10/29/16 Imaginary Friends Saturday-10:00 AM
11/02/16 Animal Crackers Wednesday-10:00 AM
11/06/16 Animal Crackers Sunday-10:00 AM
11/12/16 Baby Bear’s Birthday Saturday-10:00 AM
11/16/16 Baby Bear’s Birthday Wednesday-10:00 AM
11/25/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Friday - 10:00 AM
11/26/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
11/27/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/03/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/04/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/07/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Wednesday-10:00 AM
12/10/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/11/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/14/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Wednesday-10:00 AM
12/17/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/18/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/26/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Monday - 10:00 AM
12/27/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Tuesday - 10:00 AM
2/28/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Wednesday - 10:00 AM
12/29/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Thursday - 10:00 AM
12/30/16 Nutcracker Fantasy Friday - 10:00 AM


Copyright, the Puppet Co, 2016

All rights reserved.


Come see why this production is the favorite of more than a million children!.  Prokofiev's musical adventure is brought to life by Master Puppeteer, Christopher Piper!  See the rave reviews here.   Tiny Tots @ 10:00 has "Clowning Around" on Saturday & Sunday.  All shows are air-conditioned!

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