The Puppet Co. Playhouse’s wildly popular series has already started its 8th season and runs throughout the entire year!  Shows are at 10:00 AM on select Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.  (see below)


Designed just for our youngest theater patrons (ages 2 - 4 years old), “Tiny Tots @ 10:00” offers a viewing atmosphere especially suited to small fry, their parents, and caregivers:


• shorter shows (about 30 minutes)

• no dark room

• no loud noises

• the theater doors stay open


Tickets are $6 for all ages.


2/3/2016 Winter Wonderland Wednesday-10:00 AM
2/6/2016 Winter Wonderland Saturday-10:00 AM
2/7/2016 Winter Wonderland Sunday-10:00 AM
2/20/2016 Mother Goose Caboose Saturday-10:00 AM
2/27/2016 Doggie Doodles Saturday-10:00 AM
2/28/2016 Doggie Doodles Sunday-10:00 AM
3/2/2016 Baby Bear's Birthday Wednesday-10:00 AM
3/5/2016 Baby Bear's Birthday Saturday-10:00 AM
3/6/2016 Baby Bear's Birthday Sunday-10:00 AM
3/13/2016 Dragon Babies Sunday-10:00 AM
3/19/2016 Jellybean Circus Saturday-10:00 AM
3/20/2016 Jellybean Circus Sunday-10:00 AM
3/26/2016 Bunny Business Saturday-10:00 AM
3/30/2016 Bunny Business Wednesday-10:00 AM
4/3/2016 Bedtime Buddies Sunday-10:00 AM
4/6/2016 Bedtime Buddies Wednesday-10:00 AM
4/9/2016 Bedtime Buddies Saturday-10:00 AM
4/16/2016 Clowning Around Saturday-10:00 AM
4/17/2016 Clowning Around Sunday-10:00 AM
4/20/2016 Teddy Bear's Picnic Wednesday-10:00 AM
4/23/2016 Teddy Bear's Picnic Saturday-10:00 AM
4/24/2016 Teddy Bear's Picnic Sunday-10:00 AM
4/27/2016 Doggie Doodles Wednesday-10:00 AM
4/30/2016 Doggie Doodles Saturday-10:00 AM
5/1/2016 Doggie Doodles Sunday-10:00 AM
5/4/2016 Kooky Kritters Wednesday-10:00 AM
5/7/2016 Kooky Kritters Saturday-10:00 AM
5/14/2016 Animal Crackers Saturday-10:00 AM
5/15/2016 Animal Crackers Sunday-10:00 AM
5/18/2016 Panda-Monium Wednesday-10:00 AM
5/21/2016 Panda-Monium Saturday-10:00 AM
5/22/2016 Panda-Monium Sunday-10:00 AM
5/25/2016 "Sing-a-Long" Wednesday-10:00 AM
5/28/2016 "Sing-a-Long" Saturday-10:00 AM
6/4/2016 Old McDonald's Farm Saturday-10:00 AM
6/5/2016 Old McDonald's Farm Sunday-10:00 AM
6/8/2016 Mother Goose Caboose Wednesday-10:00 AM
6/11/2016 Mother Goose Caboose Saturday-10:00 AM
6/12/2016 Mother Goose Caboose Sunday-10:00 AM
6/15/2016 World on a String Wednesday-10:00 AM
6/18/2016 World on a String Saturday-10:00 AM
6/25/2016 Baby Bear's Birthday Saturday-10:00 AM
6/26/2016 Baby Bear's Birthday Sunday-10:00 AM
6/29/2016 Jellybean Circus Wednesday-10:00 AM
7/2/2016 Jellybean Circus Saturday-10:00 AM
7/3/2016 Jellybean Circus Sunday-10:00 AM
7/6/2016 Dragon Babies Wednesday-10:00 AM
7/9/2016 Dragon Babies Saturday-10:00 AM
7/10/2016 Dragon Babies Sunday-10:00 AM
7/13/2016 Winter Wonderland Wednesday-10:00 AM
7/23/2016 Clowning Around Saturday-10:00 AM
7/24/2016 Clowning Around Sunday-10:00 AM
7/27/2016 Magic Toyshop Wednesday-10:00 AM
7/30/2016 Magic Toyshop Saturday-10:00 AM
7/31/2016 Magic Toyshop Sunday-10:00 AM
8/3/2016 Penguins' Playground Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/6/2016 Penguins' Playground Saturday-10:00 AM
8/7/2016 Penguins' Playground Sunday-10:00 AM
8/10/2016 Bedtime Buddies Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/13/2016 Bedtime Buddies Saturday-10:00 AM
8/14/2016 Bedtime Buddies Sunday-10:00 AM
8/17/2016 Panda-Monium Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/20/2016 Panda-Monium Saturday-10:00 AM
8/21/2016 Panda-Monium Sunday-10:00 AM
8/24/2016 Bunny Business Wednesday-10:00 AM
8/27/2016 Bunny Business Saturday-10:00 AM


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Escapees from the Blizzard of 2016 raved over "Len Piper's Pinocchio," last week, and you will too.  Get out and enjoy this marvelous production with your whole family!  Tiny Tots @ 10:00 offers a more idealized salute to snow with "Winter Wonderland" on Wed., Sat. & Sun. Feb. 3, 6 & 7.

Out of the House and Into Another World!