The Puppet Co. Playhouse’s wildly popular series has already started its 8th season and runs throughout the entire year!  Shows are at 10:00 AM on select Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.  (see below)


Designed just for our youngest theater patrons (ages 2 - 4 years old), “Tiny Tots @ 10:00” offers a viewing atmosphere especially suited to small fry, their parents, and caregivers:


• shorter shows (about 30 minutes)

• no dark room

• no loud noises

• the theater doors stay open


Tickets are $5 for all ages for shows prior to 9/1/15; $6 thereafter. ges!


09/19/15 Tiny Tots “Sing-a-Long” Saturday-10:00 AM
09/20/15 Tiny Tots “Sing-a-Long” Sunday-10:00 AM
09/26/15 Old McDonald’s Farm Saturday-10:00 AM
09/27/15 Old McDonald’s Farm Sunday-10:00 AM
10/03/15 Mother Goose Caboose Saturday-10:00 AM
10/04/15 Mother Goose Caboose Sunday-10:00 AM
10/10/15 Animal Crackers Saturday-10:00 AM
10/11/15 Animal Crackers Sunday-10:00 AM
10/17/15 Teddy Bear’s Picnic Saturday-10:00 AM
10/18/15 Teddy Bear’s Picnic Sunday-10:00 AM
10/24/15 Panda-Monium Saturday-10:00 AM
10/25/15 Panda-Monium Sunday-10:00 AM
10/28/15 Kooky Kritters Wednesday-10:00 AM
10/31/15 Kooky Kritters Saturday-10:00 AM
11/01/15 Old MacDonald’s Farm Sunday-10:00 AM
11/07/15 Bunny Business Saturday-10:00 AM
11/08/15 Bunny Business Sunday-10:00 AM
11/14/15 World on a String Saturday-10:00 AM
11/15/15 World on a String Sunday-10:00 AM
11/18/15 Old MacDonald’s Farm Wednesday-10:00 AM
11/27/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Friday-10:00 AM
11/28/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
11/29/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/05/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/06/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/09/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Wednesday-10:00 AM
12/12/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/13/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/19/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/20/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/26/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Saturday-10:00 AM
12/27/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Sunday-10:00 AM
12/28/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Monday-10:00 AM
12/29/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Tuesday-10:00 AM
12/30/15 Nutcracker Fantasy Wednesday-10:00 AM


Copyright, the Puppet Co, 2015

All rights reserved.


It's been a great summer, but it's almost time to launch our new season.  Meanwhile, we are taking a little break.  We are answering phone messages periodically, but families can already get tickets online with no service charges.  "The Velveteen Rabbit" will open Sept. 18.

Shhh!  The Puppets Are Resting!